The transformation of this team is already a reality

Do you want to know how is a process of my work with a team?

In this post that you can read in 4 minutes I summarize the characteristics and benefits of an Impulse Process with a team of one SME with which I am working:

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The process started when the team leader contacted me during the last quarter of 2018, and explained to me what she felt it was not working on her team any more. In the following two meetings that we held, we agreed on the structure of the process and a duration of 4 months, according to the characteristics of the team.

In the first stage of the process, I conducted individual interviews with each member of the team very brief (15min), to break the ice, explain the process that was being proposed and collect some information about their views on the operation of the team .

The next phase of the process was based on collective meetings, in which the entire team participates, including the leader. The SME is in the service sector and this team works in shifts, so it was difficult to find space for collective meetings. However, we found solutions to be able to meet for an hour once a week. Later, adapting to the needs of the process and the workload of the team, we reorganized to meet for two hours every two weeks.

The process included 8 collective sessions in which:

  • First, we generated an environment of trust and learning, constructive and safe, where subsequent growth and development had fertile ground to take root.
  • We worked as a team to improve their work processes, the communication between the different members of the team and the management of the changes that were happening during the process: hires, leaves, changes in holiday policy, work schedules, billing objectives and economic incentives.
  • We closed the process recognizing the involvement of all team members and reflecting on the results obtained.

The alliance: one of the tools we use to design the work environment in the process.

The benefits for the team, and for the company, have been the following:

  • Alignment and focus: we developed a clear vision of their mission as a team and as a company. This has led to a better way of serving the customer and communicating in RRSS, which has led to an increase in the demand for services and cross-selling.
  • Structuring: we clarified and organized the functions and tasks of each team member, that increased efficiency (avoiding duplicities and confusions), produced a better assumption of responsibilities, and led to better results with less effort.
  • Communication: we built a work environment where really any member of the team can give and receive feedback, talking about “the positive”, what they like or what motivates them and also about “the negative”, their worries and what demotivates them. In order to allow the team to self-maintain its performance and motivation in a day-to-day basis: amplifying any aspect that makes the team advance, and correcting any aspect that makes the team lower its performance.

When we discover, try and choose new possibilities, we expand our challenges and our horizons. It’s something that impresses me and I’m passionate about living together with teams!

To conclude, I mention here a few words about the process that were expressed during the closing session held in February 2019 by some members of “The Magnificent Invincibles” (as they choose to be named during the process, maybe in another post I should talk about empowerment 😀):

“We started the meetings a bit like “let’s see “and we ended up feeling awesome, motivated, with our batteries on, excited.”

“We started less receptive, but it has served a lot to catch up with things we had in mind but did not do, very positive.”

“It surprised me a lot because I did not imagine it that way. Things have been very easy and close, very accessible. (…) We had reached a point where, I don’t know, we had closed the relationship, we felt stuck. It has helped me a lot. “

It’s time to know how we can optimize the performance of your team! Let’s talk 😉