Teams. Success. Choreography.

Almost a month ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Hip Hop competition in Barcelona for the first time.

I was very surprised by the ‘megacrew’ category, where really big teams, up to 35 people, filled the stage and moved in an exquisitely synchronized way. Here you can see an example:

Spanish version

Would it be great to feel and observe this display of energy and this synchronicity in our day to day in our work team, wouldn’t it?

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s imitate them!

No, I’m not suggesting that we start dancing – although sometimes it might be a good idea!-. There are some ingredients that we can observe in these dance teams, and that we can transfer to the work teams for a successful operation, like these:

  • There is an exchange of functions between people and there are even people who come to enter and leave the stage (most of the times even without being noticed). Nobody monopolizes the protagonism, but each one plays his role perfectly, with the focus on the result of the whole set.
  • They do not do all the same movements, but they are synchronized, they move at the same pace. The music changes style and rhythm and they adapt without losing focus or synchrony, even when someone makes a mistake.
  • The teams are formed by many people of different ages, genre, physical shape, etc. They all wear the same colors -those belonging to their team- although each retains its personality: hair, makeup, facial expression … And this diversity adds interest to the show, which acquires more life and color.
  • Finally, and what excited me most, have you noticed the noise from the audience? I heard them vibrate and cheer during all the performances of all the teams that went on the stage. And the audience was made up of the rest of the teams that competed in this national contest: they were, literally, their direct competitors. An example of sportsmanship that I would also like to see more often in the business world.

You will agree with me that the result is spectacular and that you can see the team enjoying it. But also, that this has not happened by chance; that it must be the result of their effort, training and dedication.

Do you want your team to dance to the rhythm of the environment, the market or innovation? If so, let’s work together in your choreography. Because this art is also possible in the business world.