Monthly quote, July 2019

Have you ever carried out any task that another partner had already done? Have you had any difficulty explaining what another department of your company does?

Last month I received this link to a guide on the establishment of objectives (or as they say in Google, OKRs: Objectives and Key Results).

Spanish version

The guide is very complete and sure you can get much out of it. I brought it to my monthly quotes to highlight one of the phrases that comes on the first page, because it is a small step available to everyone:

“OKRs are public so that everyone in the organization can see what others are working on.”

Google reWork Guide: Set goals with OKRs

In all my work sessions with teams, we write the objectives they want to achieve, and we leave them well visible. I do it also for my personal goals. Being inevitable to see them continuously, it helps to keep them in mind and to keep the focus on what the team wants to achieve. It also generates commitment, because we are declaring in front of other people of the team’s environment what goals we want to achieve.

What would happen if we shared our goals in this way, for example, by departments in a company? Maybe it would help to avoid duplication of tasks, know the purpose of our daily tasks, know with certainty what other departments do, and even help each other!

At first can be a little uncomfortable? Yep.

But I can assure you that, both at the team level and at the individual level, it is a very powerful exercise. And if they do it in Google, there must be a reason for it 🙂

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