If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting in your projects, despite all the time and effort invested in their management,
You are not alone.

The people involved in each project are very different. So we usually have to make an effort to communicate, collaborate and maintain the focus on the objectives of the project, while maintaining a pleasant work environment.

In addition, the environment of a company changes constantly, so we have to anticipate or adapt to these changes quickly enough. In order to do this, we address technical and business challenges which are new to us and increasingly demanding, forcing us to deal with great amounts of pressure and uncertainty.

¿Does it sound familiar to you?

I have experienced it too, in my last 10 years of experience as a chemical engineer, managing and executing research, development and innovation (R&D) projects for private companies.

But I have also discovered practical tools that I have applied in order to achieve effective management of work and people, adapted to the circumstances of each project, and that allow to enjoy an efficient, pleasant and productive work environment from the start.

My specialty is making things happen.

If you are a company manager, department manager or you execute engineering, innovation, or business development projects, I can help you:

To execute projects and achieve results, supporting or carrying out the organization and management.

To develop the skills of your team in order to solve work challenges.


  • Identifying the obstacles and providing tools for achieving objectives in a timely manner.
  • Managing and organizing tasks and relationships with customers, suppliers and collaborators.
  • Applying innovative techniques adapted to each work process listening, learning and enjoying with each project to improve the skills of the people in the work team.
  • Transforming the team into the innovation engine of the company.
  • Exploring the path making the seemingly difficult easy, even when things get complicated.

¿Who I want to be for you?

Somebody who you can count on when things get complicated, who helps you travel your journey, making the difficulties small.


  • Increase in productivity, thanks to the alignment of all people around a shared mission, the maintenance of focus and a better organization and assumption of responsibilities.
  • Ability to maintain performance and motivation on a day-to-day basis in a self-sufficient way, thanks to the availability of tools for this and to the awareness of its status of the team at any time.
  • Simple, fluid, comfortable operation.

Some companies that are already enjoying these benefits are:

Find out now how all, absolutely all the work teams, can be managed efficiently and achieve their goals, no matter how different the people are or how difficult may the challenges they assume seem.

But, ¿who am I?

I’m Camila, Chemical Engineer with a Masters’ degree on Innovation and Business Development, and Systemic Coach.

Pleased to meet you 🙂

It was eight years ago when I realized that the work team I was part of worked well sometimes, but sometimes it didn’t, depending on the circumstances. And that, in addition to the negative impact on our performance, was very frustrating for all the people involved.

Since then, I have been investigating and implementing in my work environment some tools in order to work as a team always in a productive and satisfactory way.

I make these tools available to all companies that want to quickly, efficiently and conveniently manage projects such as developing a new product or service, launching it on the market, adapting to changes in the environment or to the growth / decrease of the company.

I have experience in multicultural work environments, business mergers and companies in crisis situations.

My values are:

  • Turn obstacles into challenges
  • Believe in people
  • Passionately curious

You can find more detailed information on my professional career on my Linkedin profile.

I am also open to participating in new projects, and these are other entities with which I have collaborated: